Draw all the comics!

The comic is set in South Africa in the ’90s/early 2000s. A time where dads and teachers could still smack the crap out of you for fun. A lot of the stories are based on mine or my older brother’s childhood. The main asshole dad character (Jimmy) is based on my real life dad and the kid (Seth) is kinda based on me/my bro, but not really. More of an invented kid that had to grow up with my dad. My brother and I didn’t have to live with my dad (Thank God.), but the Seth character though, he’s the imaginary brother we never had who was forced to stay with my dad.

Please note that the humour is dark, the language is terrible and the people are awful so this comic is not for everybody.

The first 8 are up now on Patreon and will be updated twice a week.

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