Cave Dave Invents Fire!

Cave Dave Invents Fire

Cave Dave Invents Fire

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So I’ve been wanting to focus more on comic strips for a bit, instead of just random comics. I’m busy with 2 other strips with 2 other cartoonists, but I want to also have a strip of my own. I wanna try make about 10 episodes and then decide from there whether to carry on with it or not.

So the first strip I’m going to make is this Caveman dude. I’ve said a brazillion times how much I love silent strips, so gonna keep this one silent (But violent). I will still have random comics in between, and one of the strips with another cartoonists could be up soon. We’re deciding whether to start posting now, or start at the beginning of next year. I just have to come up with the idea, and the other cartoonist makes them so it won’t really get in the way of my own stuff.

Anyway, lets see how it goes!