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Good morning, good morning! I’m just going to grab a coffee and then will be back for a chat.

Ok, back. So, what’s up? What’s been happening? My sample copy of Simulation James should be arriving today/tomorrow. As long as it printed fine, the book will then be out this week. If the printing is crap… then I don’t know.

Anyway, so I was planning on posting more comics to social media for a while to bring traffic to the site and to hopefully get some eyes on the book. The timing was amazing because I got invited to something called Facebook Bonuses. Facebook are paying people to post more. So now I can earn money from Facebook for sharing my cartoons. Pretty sweet. I’ve been annoyed with facebook and social media for a while, but mainly facebook and Instagram. They encourage you to post so that you can build up and audience, but then they stop showing your posts to your audience and ask you to pay to reach your own followers, it went down to like 10% of your audience see you post in their feed. And the bigger your account gets, the smaller the percentage of follower views. You still get views, but not from your fans, so less engagement. So people start posting less. Facebook now wants to encourage people to post again by paying them. I don’t know if it’ll work or how long it will last but I’ll give it a go since I’m going to be promoting the book anyway.

I signed up to the bonus program and it got stuck on the last step. It was just stuck on loading. While I was waiting, I decided to post a comic that I had drawn last year. How is this for timing.

The cartoon gets 78 000 likes and 10 000 shares. I was accepted to the bonus program as soon as this post stopped being shared. So I got nothing for this cartoon 🙄

The next post only got around 800 likes so I only made a few bucks, but the same cartoon was shared on some other page and it got 80 000 likes over there. It’s annoying. At least they didn’t crop my signature off, but a tag to my page would’ve been nice.

I have no idea how Facebook decides what goes viral or not. I’ve had cartoons bomb on my page only to go uber viral on someone else’s. And then that person can earn from my cartoons. I hope Facebook find a way to stop other pages using content that they haven’t created.

The whole facebook like system is super broken though. I go randomly from a cartoon getting 400 likes to the next one getting 128 000 likes. It wasn’t even a new cartoon, it was a repost of some old one that didn’t go viral the first time. I just want some consistency, but it seems Facebook shows posts to random people and some days you’re lucky if it gets shown to the right random person. I prefer it just being shown to people who follow me coz they get my humour. I’ve stopped using my personal Facebook account because 90% of the stuff I see is from stuff Facebook thinks I’ll like. I’d rather see an old post from someone I know rather than a new post from someone I don’t, if that makes sense.

Enough about social media. What else is going on in the World of Scribbly. So I’m ready to make Dark Fairy Tales 3, I picked The three little pigs for the 3rd book.

This one is one of my favourite ones. This and the Hansel and Gretel one are really dark. Maybe too dark, but I’ll be self publishing this so I don’t have to care about “too” anything.

I don’t know how people can enjoy cartooning and make the boring ass cartoons that publishers allow you to publish these days. All the cartoonists I used to look up to as a kid have gone so dull. They’re so scared to do anything wrong so their work is so fucking boring. There’s one cartoonist, one of my favourites from when I was a kid. He keeps saying how he’s got the worst writers block, he’s struggling so much creatively and he doesn’t know what to do. He needs to draw what he wants again. You can’t enjoy what you do if you have to overthink every little idea and worry about which group of people you may accidentally offend with your drawing. It’s so sad. I’d rather keep cartooning as a hobby so that I can draw what I want rather than hating it for money. I never purposely set out to offend anybody, but these days people seem to get off on being offended, so people are inventing things to be offended by so there’s no point even thinking about it. Just draw what makes you laugh and have fun. Webcomics have also started going down the cringe route of trying too hard not to offend. I don’t read webcomics online at all now, they’re all either old cartoons made into video, or some cringe idea sucking up to whatever is the trendy thing to care about for the week. It’s sad and it’s annoying, but it shares so people do it. My kind of humour isn’t as popular online now as it was 4 years ago, but it’s still what I like to do so I’m going to keep doing it because it’s fun.

Ok, rant over. I have one last update. I’m drawing more cartoons traditionally. I’m getting more and more requests from people looking to buy my originals. I don’t often draw traditionally, but I’m doing it more now. I don’t like drawing traditionally because I don’t like having papers all over the house. I suck at organising and I lose everything. But I’ve bought some fancy flip folder things to store the originals so I’ll try be a little more organised. I normally only draw something traditionally if I’m submitting it for publication, but I’ll start drawing more of the ones that I won’t be submitting.

Awesome, I think that’s all for now. Email me if there’s anything else you’d like to chat about. I received a really nice email from a guy called Chris the other day. Hi Chris 👋 Your email made my day.

Sweet! Chat soon.

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