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I’ll start the post off with a cartoon and then will move on to our chat.

Giraffe Restroom Cartoon

This cartoon was from sometime in 2022 I think. It was one of the first ones I made when moving into single panels. I love weird animals in human situation type comics. One thing that bugs me though, is the caption. Is it needed? I guess it is for this one, but so the thing that bugs me is, I’ve never used the word “Restroom” ever in my life. We would say bathroom in South Africa. But in the U.K you say toilet. Apparently in the U.S it’s Restroom. This was for an American publication so it was restroom, but it sounds wrong to my ears. I faff and worry too much about this kinda crap though.

Anyway, bonus object in this comic was the little face in the newspaper. That was originally going to be my logo for my single panel cartoons. I actually forgot about that till now.

And now on to Facebook. Facebook likes are very weird and broken. I’ve mentioned that Facebook has started paying people to post content. But they don’t really say how much. Now, my reach has dropped so much on most of my posts, but then randomly you get a post that goes viral out of nowhere. I think they’re doing it on purpose to keep people posting. So it’s like a slot machine. You’ll randomly have a post go viral and earn some money, but then have 5 posts that only 5% of your audience will see, and then suddenly, one goes viral again. You only really make money off the viral posts. This weekend there was one that got around 24 000 likes, 2000 shares and about 400 comments. From that I got… $160. It’s not actually that bad considering Air Mail pays $150 per cartoon. But like I said, I don’t trust how they’re doing it. It doesn’t feel like the cartoons performance is based on how good the cartoon is, but whether Facebook decides to boost your post or not. When I had 15000 followers I used to share a cartoon on Facebook and I’d get around 500 likes for an average cartoon and over 1000 for a good cartoon. The cartoon would be seen by 50% of followers. Now I have 24000 followers, cartoons struggle to get near 500 likes and are shown to 5% of followers. I had one that says it was seen by 400 people in total? But then a few days later, I have a cartoon get 125k likes and seen by millions of people. And then it drops to being seen by nobody. I’ve tested with both old and new cartoons. I’ve had old cartoons suddenly go viral that didn’t do well originally, and then ones that have done well before suddenly go nowhere.

It’s so similar to slot machines and gambling apps. They give you a big win and then you’ll lose for a while, and just as you’re about to quit, you’ll get a big win. The thought of the big win fuels the addiction and you’ll want to play/post more often. It’s a clever way to trick people into posting more and more content. I’d prefer a system where my cartoons are just shown to whoever wants to see them. I think they should limit the amount of people you’re allowed to follow. Some people follow thousands of people. How? Why? They should limit people to only be able to follow 100 people and then that’ll fix everything. You’ll only see stuff from people you really like, and then creators won’t have 50k followers but only 2% of them ever see their posts.

Lastly, I have an update on Dark Fairy Tales 3. I’m about a third of the way done. I’m trying to get a page done a day. I want to have it done before I go on my honeymoon in April.

Dark Fairy Tales 3 – 3 Pigs

Awesome, I’ll chat to you guys laters.

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