Improv Comic Thirsty

Improv Comic Thirsty

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This comic started getting popular like 4 months after I made it. I’ve seen it being used as a meme which is pretty cool! I was asked how I came up with the idea, and really, it was just an improv comic. I used random word generator to choose a word to make a comic with and the word was thirsty. So I drew a thirsty dude, to make him even hotter and thirstier I had him walking in a desert. To make it look more deserty , I added a pyramid thing, like he doesn’t need to be in Egypt , I just wanted it to look hot and not have the background empty. So many people were like, there’s a town right by the Pyramid , he can just walk there…. Yeah, true… it’s also a cartoon and he isn’t real sooooo…  Anyway, thought it would be funny to have him find water and then not want it, and I super hate sparkling water so yeah, i wrote sparkling. Really no real thought went in to this, with Improv comics you are supposed to make about 5 comics as quick as you can and then redraw the ones you find funny. This was one of the ones I liked.

Anyway, really cool to be memed. Never knew I would enjoy it so much