Thirsty in the Desert

Thirsty Desert Comic

Thirsty Desert Comic

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Thirsty – End 2017 –

This was a special comic for me. It was one of the first comics I made when I started getting into webcomics. I’d mainly been making South African Political Comics, but wanted to move on to webcomics. When i first shared this comic on my Facebook page (which was mainly followed by South Africans interested in politics), it didn’t do as well as the South African stuff. I was sad 🙁 I started to wonder if I should rather just focus on South African stuff. Anyway, A few months later, My brother said I should post some comics to Reddit. I had a Reddit account, but never used it. Thought I’d give it a try. Posted the comics in r/comics and then got on with my day. About an hour later I got a notification on my phone saying “congrats on making the Front page of reddit!”. I couldn’t believe it.

Anyway, it was pretty much from that moment that I stopped the South African stuff and Focused on Webcomics 🙂 Thank you Reddit and My Bro for telling me to post there.