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The story of Daveman
The Story of Daveman – Coming end 2023

It’s been a long time coming, but I am finally working on the Daveman story. This will be released as a book later this year. Email me if you want me to let you know when it’s out.

This page will be where I update the progress of the story. I’ll also be posting updates on the blog, but for those just interested in the Daveman story, I’ll put all the images from the blog on this page.

The Story of Daveman
The Story of Daveman

Dave has gone through quite an evolution. He was my first ever recurring character, I liked him because he was just a potato thing with spots, so he was super easy to draw which was handy since I had never drawn anything before. People seemed to love him so I kept bringing him back and editing him slightly.


I’m about to start drawing the comics soon, so I need to decide how want him to look. I do like the little dot eyes and stick arms, but it may be better to give him more real-ish arms for the story since he’s going to be shooting arrows and shit.

The Story of Daveman

Whichever style I decide to go with, all the other versions of Daveman will be hidden somewhere in the story. Maybe not even that hidden. The thing about Daveman is, he’s not one guy. There are many Davemen. So maybe new Dave will be able to hang out his weird sausage arm Daveman. The only one who won’t be in the strip will be DadDaveman, the one with the Tie. This story happens before the comics and before they have ties and tvs. This story will show you the first of the Davemen and how they came to be in this world.

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