The Justice League Interviews Toilet Paper Man

The Justice League Interviews

The Justice League Interviews

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So this is the first comic using my new style Batman and Superman! I really dig how they came out. Toilet Paper man I wanted to make as plain as possible, maybe he’s too plain? Was going to have him with a toilet paper cape, but … yeah, i didn’t.

I actually made this comic a while ago on this Comic site called Strip Generator using stock characters and shapes… I’ll see if i can find it.

Now, I’m not sure what comic to make next? Another Mario comic? A superhero comic? I’ve got a Dexter’s Lab comic idea that I want to make? Send me a message somewhere and let  me know.

Lastly, I’m making super hero Links to my Facebook and stuff. Here is the first one, Click on Superman to go to my Facebook page.
Superman Facebook Button

Cool! Have a good week!