The Hawks

The Hawks South Africa

The Hawks South Africa

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So, I woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Decided to do some scribbling. Everybody was talking about the Hawks going after the Guptas so thought I’d make a cartoon about them. I’ve never heard of the Hawks going after anybody, but the day Zuma resigns is the same day the Hawks start doing their job. What a coincidence! Anyway, thought I’d make a hawk wearing a hawk helmet thing for back then, and now the Hawk has had the helmet removed and can finally see. Bonus joke was making the Helmet look like Zuma’s head, wasn’t sure if peeps would notice that, but most did so, winning!

Made the whole cartoon , from idea to finished in like an hour while half asleep, woke up and wondered if I dreamed making it.  Wasn’t too bad, the real cartoonist folks dig it, they always dig Zuma’s head shape on stuff. Everybody else was drawing a Hawk catching a Gupta, which is an ok idea, just done a lot so thought this would be different. But for real though, is everybody just cool with the fact that the Hawks are only working now? People are all excited about the guptas being hunted, but nobody seems to give a shit about nothing happening before. It pisses me off, seems like the ANC will get away with the 10 years of Zuma they forced on us. They still need to be held accountable for him! We can never forgive them for what they put the country through, no matter how much better things seem now, they are the ones that allowed Zuma and his friends to fuck up the country in the first place. Aaargh, I’m being too serious! I hate serious shit!


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