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The Blog is Back


So, the blog is back! I’ve missed just writing crap with my morning coffee while waiting for my morning poop to brew. So I will be bringing the blog back.

Let’s start our day off with a cartoon.

Meditation Cartoon

So, how is everything? What’s new? Me, I got married. Yep, sorry ladies. Anyway, so being married feels exactly the same except my left hand is a tiny bit heavier now.

I’ve been working on my That ’90s comic which is up now on Patreon and Substack. I’m really enjoying experimenting and playing with the characters, and it’s awesome to not have to worry about upsetting people. It’s just good old cartooning fun again, finally.

In other news. Facebook is still broken. I’ve got an old cartoon up there now going magically viral days after I posted it. I have no idea how Facebook decides what to show people and why, but every 10 comics or so just go super viral. Cool thing about this is that I’ll be getting a nice bonus from them at the end of the month to help pay off the wedding/honeymoon stuff 😄

Anyway, this was just a quick post to say hello.

Stay Awesome!


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