Fun with V.R


For some reason people thought this was making fun of V.R? Got super attacked for criticizing V.R. Like, not at all. The joke is that the game is called blind simulator, so it’s really just a black screen. They didn’t even have to make anything, just have a blank screen. Also, who cares if someone doesn’t like V.R.? I think it’s fun idea, I don’t think it will ever be as popular as regular gaming, but either way. Who cares , why do people stress out so much about someone not liking what they like?

Hey Siri


I just noticed how his tie and hands change in the frames.

To the Acid folk who say this isn’t what it’s like to take Acid… please note that the person that told him he took acid was a slice of pizza…. maybe he took something else? What does a pizza know?