See you later boy

Skateboarder Comic


Endless Loop!

These playing with panel comics are my favorite kind, but not everyone else’s favorite so I don’t get to make an many as I would like 🙁  

Fun Fact, the design of the board here was my first ever skateboard. Danny Way’s Plan B Jungle Explorer. It was so beautiful that I didn’t actually use it, instead got a second hand Zero board to learn on instead. This board went missing when we moved 🙁 

Unnamed Comic


I used to do these practice comics where I played with the panels, and super creatively I called them “Playing with Panels”. Anyway, was bored and thought I’d make a cutesy version maybe with a story or something.

If I do carry on with these I’m gonna need a name for the strip, so please send me your ideas. The best I came up with was “Not Snoopy”