Man-eating Banana


Apparently you’re supposed to open bananas and eat them upside down from the way we do, because monkeys eat them upside down to us. We’re also going to the bathroom wrong coz monkeys don’t use bathrooms. Oh and we shouldn’t live in houses because monkeys don’t.

Sorry, I just saw a YouTube video about thing’s we’re doing wrong, and the reasoning was because animals do it a different way. Shut up, animals don’t watch your YouTube videos so I won’t watch them either

Tilliam Well

tilliam well


Made this on holiday in Thailand. Just a quick silly comic.

This comic was stolen by some guy on Instagram, naughty naughty instathief. Not gonna share his name, not just because I forgot it , but also don’t wanna give him even more extra attention. How I became aware of the theft, was coz I reposted this comic, and someone accused me of stealing for this guy who had stolen it from me. I mentioned that mine was a repost from a comic made a year earlier, the guy then blocked me.

*also, I don’t actually know if the guy stole it, he may have had the same idea 2 months after me