Star Trek For Ants

Star Trek For Ants

Star Trek For Ants

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Hello Howzit! So this weekend I was meant to draw a Mario comic, but while warming up, this Idea came to me. I think I was drawing circles and made a magnifying glass and it kinda just went from there. The dude beaming them up actually has the Star Trek logo on his shirt , but that’s just for bonus funsies… I don’t think he thinks he’s beaming them up, but who knows?


So, I’ve started using my Reddit Account 🙂 I’ve been told a few times that I should be on Reddit, I made an account a while ago but never posted to it. Anyway, starting to post there now and not doing too bad, check out how well my Sparkling Water comic is doing!

Sparkling Water Comic

Anyway, Had a fun weekend scribbling. Want to start making some Super Hero comics, and thought I should maybe do them in the Style of the Mario comics I’ve been making. So i made a Batman and a Superman to start with… I’m really digging this style, gonna try do more stuff like this.

Batman Superman and Robin Comic Characters