Replacing Nemo Comic

Replacing Nemo Comic

Replacing Nemo Comic

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Replacing Nemo – 24 May 2018 –

So, I’m ordering my comics from my Favorite to my not so favorite. My current number 1 in Replacing Nemo.

Edit – Choosing my favourites is a little harder than I thought. Like erry day my order changes…. so it’ll be ordered in sorta my favourites or something… I dunno. Just read them. Oh, and let me know your favourite! And also if you know a better way of laying out my site, like maybe a way where peeps can vote for their favourites and those move to the top?


Some cool edits I found

Replacing Nemo Translation 1

Replacing Nemo Translation 2

Some dude even translated in to…. English? heilagain’s comment made me laugh

Replacing Nemo Translations