Peach needs Mario!

Peach Needs Mario

Peach Needs Mario

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It must be tough being a plumber, you never know if women want you for you, or your plumbing skills.

Anyway, anyone know if Mario’s still a plumber? Or is he full time mushroom eater, Princess Peach saver now?


So, last week was pretty hectic. That Nemo comic did way better than I could imagine. I was seeing it everywhere, and in different languages. I got mentioned on Sarcasm Society and Alternative Disney, it’s on 19 000 likes on 9gag. Pretty Sweet. I then got a message from this awesome South African comedian dude, he says he loves my toons and was wondering if I was interested in making comics for this Beer magazine he’s involved with. I’ve been asked a few times to make cartoons for people, but i’ve never been that interested in that kinda thing coz like I’m just having fun at the moment, and I’d never heard of them or their websites/magazines. But I’ve heard of this dude and I dig his comedy, so maybe. I’m gonna meet him at some Beer Fest thing this weekend, he gave me 2 free tickets and says I must come meet the team, talk some kak and have a beer. Sounds cool to me. We’ll see how it goes.