Draw all the comics!

I’m getting asked more and more for my originals and sketches. Had I had known that there would be an interest for these I would’ve worked more on paper earlier on.

Walking the dog.

I don’t usually do panel cartoons on paper but decided to give it a go. The brush pen for the border got a little smudgy 🙁

Replacing Nemo

Probably my most popular comic. It makes me laugh looking back on how bad it’s doodled. It was drawn on a scrap piece of blue paper that I tore out of my mom’s work diary. I knew this one would be popular so I had to get the idea down quick before my fucked up brain forgets it.

Death works from home.

Death works from home cartoon

Originally published in the Oldie.

Exercise Rat.

One of my favourites. Originally published in Air Mail.

Buff Cat.

I found this doodle which lead to the Buff Cat comic. Also not for sale, just funny to see.

News Channel Torture

This one was for Air Mail. Originally it was going to say ” a TV stuck on the big bang theory” but changed it at the last minute.

I’ll be uploading more soon.

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