Draw all the comics!


Ahoy! Howzit going?

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I’ll be moving my blog/newsletter to Substack. I’ve got a whole lot of new cartoons to share. I’ll only be sending the newsletter once a week at most. If I have more than one cartoon to share that week I’ll combine them in one email. My website will only show a select few of my comics but the newsletter will show all the new comics I make. I’ll also be posting most of them on facebook while they’re still paying me to post there, but once that stops the best place to see my new comics will be in the newsletter.

Why am I doing this? Well, for one, it looks cool. I have always liked the layout of Substack. But the main reason is, I think, so I can interact with the real fans through email in private. Like, I hate hate hate social media, but I love chatting to people who like my comics. But social media wants everything to be some mass debate, everyone must get involved and give their opinion, and social media rewards content that gets people talking (more like fighting). Anyway, I just like making comics, I don’t care about anyone’s politics or beliefs or reasons why this cartoon or that cartoon shouldn’t be made. And it’s never a real fan who wants to argue, it’s always people who have seen the post on social media who aren’t even following me that seem to want to cause all the shit.

So if you’d like to see the new cartoons I make, subscribe to the Newsletter.

Sweet! Have a good weekend peeps!

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