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New Toon Day

Good Morning. Here’s a cartoon I drew last night.

Someone nearly exposes Clark's secret identity

Nothing special, but I had fun making it. The bonus background detail is this.

I like little background things hidden in comics. This one has the bone and a fish in the watercooler. I wanted to add more but it was bed time and I’m kinda over this cartoon now 😄

Stick around if you want to listen to me moan for like 5 minutes about cartooning or feel free to leave now. For real, I won’t get mad.

So today’s moan will be about social media again. I was off social media for quite a while. I felt that the thought of likes and shares was influencing what I wanted to make too much. I was making less and less cartoons that I liked and more of what I know would share, so I took a break and spent more time on single panels and books. Now it’s time to promote the book and I’ve started posting on social media again. I’m really trying to post what I want and not care about the likes, but the likes bring more views, the views bring more traffic to the site, more traffic means more sales. But then I get straight back to hating what I make just for likes.

What I’m going to try and do is post what I want and not be worried by the likes. Instagram lets you turn off the likes which originally I thought was dumb. But my mind has changed completely. It’s actually so nice not knowing how many likes a cartoon gets and you can just focus on making cartoons. I don’t believe anyone can become a great cartoonist by pleasing everybody. A lot of the cartoonists I started with have quit comics. I can only think it was because of the way Instagram changed the like system. They’re forever changing their algorithm trying to keep people on their phone for as long as possible. Webcomics at one point were everywhere on Instagram, whatever you posted would get like 20k likes, but then out of nowhere that dropped to 5k, and then each year your reach gets lower and lower and it’s super depressing. But you need to remember why you’re doing this. If you got into cartooning to grow your following on social media then you should give up now, it’s not going to last. If you got into cartooning because you really love drawing cartoons, then turn off the likes and carry on drawing.

I got into cartoons because I love cartooning and wanted to get better at drawing. To become a great cartoonist you need to make a lot of shit cartoons. Not every cartoon needs to be perfect. Gary Larson has a lot of average cartoons, but by making so many he has a ton of great ones. I need to keep reminding myself of that. The more bad cartoons I make, the more great ones I’ll make. And the more I draw, the more my style will improve too.

Keep pushing yourself, don’t take the easy way out. Don’t just post relatable nonsense. It works in the short term, but it gets old really fast. Focus on what you struggle with and try new things. I made my first graphic novel way before I was ready for it. But I learnt a ton and my next one will be better. I can already see how quick Dark Fairy Tales 3 is going to be after spending so much time on Simulation James. Stop worrying about social media and draw. If you post online, don’t look at the likes. Delete the apps off your phone because it’s too easy to check how the cartoon is doing. I haven’t had social media on my phone for over 2 years now.

Ok, I’ve rambled on for too long now and forgot what the point was.

Anyway, keep on cartooning.


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