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Moving Dark Tales to Substack


So I’ve decided to move my longer comics and stories over to substack. I’ve been searching for a place to host my longer comics but have yet to find anything as quick and easy as substack. Facebook and Istagram are fine for short comics, but they aren’t really suited for longer comics and stories. So Substack is where I’ll be sharing the new stuff that I’ll be working on. It’s supposed to be a newsletter thing, but I won’t be using it for that. It’s really just because it loads quick and looks pretty enough.

I’ll still be linking to all the longer comics from my site so you won’t need to join substack to see them. Just click on the book image and that will take you to the post on substack.

The first story is up. It’s a remake of my Dark Fairy Tales cartoon of Jack and the Beanstalk that I made for some kid’s book course I did a few years ago. I was happy enough with how the original turned out, but I didn’t really plan for it to be made into a book, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the sizes. Anyway, while I was working on Simulation James, I thought I should maybe turn these dark fairy tales into a collection. I went back and looked and I had drawn them way too small to print.

I decided to redraw Jack and the Beans at the correct size. I’ll next move on to redrawing Part 2 and then move on to making 3,4 and 5. The whole book of 5 should be around 100 pages long. But instead of people having to wait till the 5th story is done to read them, I will be sharing each story on substack as I make them. I’m hoping people will still want to buy the book even after reading them online. Either way, it’s fun and an awesome way to learn about self publishing.

So the plan for the year will be to finish off the 5 Dark Fairy Tales. I’m also going to be working on a series of longer comics. These will be more like my webcomics, but with way more panels. I’ll still be doing single panels for publication, but that’s just because I have to. Bleh

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