It’s about time I got some Scribbly G Merch, So I’ve been looking at different places to sell , so far they all seem pretty much the same and offer similar products. I’m testing three of them out.


So threadless I see all over facebook. Their shop isn’t the best to navigate, but it is pretty easy to set up and update.¬†


Teepublic seem quite good. Really easy to set up and the store is pretty simple to navigate. The shirt they use in the template is nicer than Threadless


Redbubble is the hardest to set up but I think they offer the most items. And there’s a person wearing the shirt which is pretty cool.

Once set up, the shop front is really nice to navigate

I only want to manage one store, so please have a look at the three options and let me know which you prefer. Which one looks better and which is easiest to navigate!