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Look at this Mess - Jonfield


Look at this Mess - Jonfield

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Last week I made a comic about Jonfield. Thought I’d carry on with the story a little.

Ok, so a lot of people are commenting and saying that Jon was mad and Garfield never existed, some say that this is Jon after Garfield has died and he is struggling to cope with this loss of his friend, and lastly, Jon is a druggy (oh and one guy said that John ate Garfield? Like why?). So, what I was thinking was, Jon is struggling to deal with the loss of Garfield. The tablets on the table are his medication to help him cope… but he doesn’t always take them. I may put a picture of Garfield in the background of the next ones to show that Garfield did exist.

It’s a little sad, but hey, so’s life my dudes. One day I will make a comic strip series about my childhood…. You’ll understand why i make shit like this

I’ve been asked to carry on with the series, I had a few ideas for more of these but wasn’t sure how well they would be received, But I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and messages asking me to carry on, so Yay.