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I found some really old Cartoons

Howzit! So I saw something about The Rock the other day and it reminded me of a cartoon I made back when I started making comics. I had completely forgotten about this comic, it was really bad, but what bugged me was that I didn’t see it in my folders of old cartoons. I don’t delete anything, so where did this old comic go? Did I even really make it?

Today I went searching and I found a CorelDraw file that held the long lost cartoon… along with other long lost cartoons that I had blacked out from my memory 😅 some of them I don’t remember at all. I was coming off some pretty hectic anti depression/anxiety meds so that period of life is kinda a blur. Anyway, I figured I’d share some of these old comics.

Starting with The Rock one:

I don’t remember drawing it. I must have shared it on Facebook because I remember my brother saying to me that my dad had seen it and asked him if I was on drugs. (No Dad, I was coming off drugs that I was put on because of you.)

I think the dude on the right is meant to be John Cena 😅 I miss the freedom of making dumb shit like this. The way I used to make comics has changed quite a lot. This one here I think I drew the characters in Procreate and then brought the image into CorelDraw to make the speech bubbles and text. Back then Procreate didn’t have a Text editor so I used a comic font or made a comic font that I would use for my comics. The bubbles were also drawn in Corel because I couldn’t draw speech bubbles, or I’d draw them too small and the wording didn’t fit. It saved me time making the bubbles and text in Corel. Now I do everything in Procreate. I still type my text because my handwriting is awful, but now it’s all done in Procreate.

In other news… I started sketching out the first pages of Dark Fairy Tales 3. It’s going a lot quicker than the previous ones. I think I’ve learnt a lot from the Simulation James book. I’ve also drawn a few single panels which I’m not allowed to show just yet. I’m trying to make more single panels that I like so if they don’t sell I’ll still be able to share them with you, and if they do sell, I won’t be embarrassed to share them with you. Most of the single panel cartoons that I sell, I really don’t like. They feel too sucky uppy, which is what you have to do if you want to increase your chances of being published, but then you end up hating what you do, so it won’t last (for me). Some people seem to love churning out cringe pandering cartoon after cringe pandering cartoon.

Anyway, that’s all for today.


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