How can YOU wear THAT shirt?

How can you wear that shirt

How can you wear that shirt

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I dunno how relatable this is to everybody, but it has happened to me a few times over the years, and again this weekend. So, I was chilling at this Portuguese festival thing minding my own business, when this dude wearing an Arsenal shirt comes up to me and asks if I do Motocross. I was like, no? Why? He laughed and said, because you’re wearing a FOX shirt which is a motocross brand. I didn’t know it was, I just dig the logo. Anyway, I then asked him if he played for Arsenal because he was wearing an arsenal shirt. He didn’t find that funny… but hey, whatevs.

Anyway, sorry for the longish break, there were tons of public holidays so I didn’t turn on my computer to post anything, I did make a few weeks worth of comics though. This Friday I’ll be posting one for Star Wars Day!

Anyway, have a good week