Got Your Nose

Got Your Nose

Got Your Nose

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I felt like drawing Harry Potter. First joke that popped into my head was Harry Potter saying “Got your nose” to Voldemort… Sadly when I googled it, it had been done. So I thought maybe Voldemort should have a come back to Harry, and this was “Got your parents”. A little mean… but so is making fun of someone for not having a nose!

The last 2 frames are just there to make Voldemort seem like even more of a dick.

Bonus About this Comic Stuff:

I usually type the text on my comics, but this one I didn’t because a cartoonist friend of mine keeps telling me it looks better if you draw your text…. That’s probably true if you have a neat handwriting, which I don’t. Anyway, thought I’d start practicing. Still think it would’ve looked better with typed text, but too late now.

Oh, and Voldemort is wearing green because the Black didn’t go well with my background. I’d prefer to have it black, but it was easier to change his clothes to green than change the background. So ya ,he’s green because of Laziness.

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