Are you really from Africa?
South Africa, Yep. But I moved to England about 4 months ago

What do you draw on/What brush do you use?
Procreate on the iPad pro. The Default ones

Were you really hit by a car?
Yep. When I was 9, right outside my house. I ran across to road as a car was overtaking the school bus. I broke my leg, fractured my skull and broke the guy’s windshield with my face. I lost the next few years of my memory, walked with a limp and spoke kinda funny for a while, but I survived. 

How much do you charge to make a comic?
Depends what it’s for 

Why are you called Scribbly G?
I scribble and my name starts with G

How can I get better at making comics?
Make a lot of comics

Which cartoonists inspire you?
Gary Larson and Sergio Aragonés.

Do you have a cat?
You’d think so… I had 2 cats when I was a kid. But then my stepdad moved in and suddenly my mom became allergic to the cats we had already had for 6 years… The cats randomly went missing