Where are you from?
South Africa. But I moved to England about 12 months ago.

Where do you get your ideas ?
Probably from a little bit of brain damage. When I was a kid I was run over by a car while catching the bus for school. The accident left me with a broken leg, a fractured skull and many years of memory loss… but it also left me with the super human ability to tell ridiculous stories.

Why are you called Scribbly G?
I scribble, and my name starts with G. I wasn’t really planning on having the name stick. I didn’t think I’d make more than 5 comics. The day I decided to post my first comic on social media, I needed a user name. I Originally chose Scribbly, but that was taken, so I added a G too it.

How can I get better at making comics?
Make a lot of comics

Which cartoonists inspire you?
Gary Larson and Sergio Aragon├ęs.

Will you be making more Spider-Cat?
It’s on my list of things to do.

Where is Daveman?
He’s evolving. I’m hoping to make his series next year.

Why do you make comics ?
I enjoy it, and it helps pay the bills.

What is the highlight of your cartooning career ?
Have I been doing it long enough for it to be called a career? I dunno, writing a series and creating characters for those dudes in California was a fun experience. It’s not really cartooning though, but they found me through my cartoons so it still counts. I was then also asked to write 10 more short episodes for another series of theirs which was pretty cool, but again, not cartooning. Um, getting my first 100k likes on a comic was nice, but the guy at the store didn’t want to accept the likes as currency so it wasn’t really that cool in the end. I guess, making comics for The Walking Dead stood out. Being invited to meet the countries top cartoonists was cool at the time, I’d always wanted to meet them. But after I met them, I kinda wish I hadn’t so… I dunno. Oh, having my first single panel cartoon sell to a Newspaper was quite cool. There have been a few highlights, but I guess the animated series because it was a dream that I didn’t know I had because I didn’t think it would be possible, so I didn’t even think of dreaming that. But now it’s made a new dream, make the next Rick and Morty, sell it to Netflix, retire early in Thailand and just make comics all day on the beach.

Favorite Food ?

Favorite Color ?

How would you describe your comics ?
Random. Different. I don’t know. I just like trying new things and experimenting. I’m not sure what cartoons I’ll be doing in 5 years time. Maybe I’ll have quit to focus more on writing, or move more into animation or go full time with single panel cartoons for papers. I don’t know, for now I’m doing everything and having fun.

Do you have a cat ?
I love cats, but no. Sadly, I’m allergic to them. I do still play with all the cats I see, but I just can’t have one in the house. I have a doggy though, but she’s back in South Africa staying with my girlfriend’s parents.