Where do you get your ideas?
Same place you do…

Can you make comics for my site?

Would you be keen on doing some commission work?
If it’s something fun then Yes! If it’s not fun, then… maybe

How much do you charge?
How much you got?

Where is that flag from?
South Africa 🇿🇦

What do you draw on/What brush do you use?
Procreate on the iPad pro. The Default ones

What’s your favourite colour?
To look at – Purple. To wear – Green.

I’m a teacher, can I use your cartoon in a class test.
My teachers were never as cool as you. Of course, yes

Can we Collab on some comics
Maybe 🙂

How much do you charge to make a comic?
Depends what it’s for  – send me an email

How can I get better at making comics?
“The only way to learn how to write and draw is by writing and drawing” – Bill Watterson

Which cartoonists inspire you?
The 2 most important cartoonists in the world, Sergio Aragonés and Gary Larson.

Do you have depression?
No, but I did. I was on medication for a long time – One day I decided to stop taking the meds and started making comics instead. 

Do you have a cat?
You’d think so… I had 2 cats when I was a kid. But then my stepdad moved in and suddenly my mom became allergic to the cats we had already had for 6 years… The cats randomly went missing

Do you have a dog?
I had a dog, but we had to leave her with her grandparents back home in South Africa when we moved to the UK in November.

Any other animals?
At the moment, no.