Where do you get your ideas?
No idea

Can I use your comic for my site?
Maybe – Send me an Email 

How much do you charge?
That depends what you need

Can you give me a shout out on Instagram.
I share comics that I enjoy. If I stumble across your comic and I enjoy it, I will share it. Don’t ask people for shout-outs 

Where is Spidercat????
She’s safe. I’ve just got a lot of different series I’m working on and a lot of new series still to make, along with a backlog of 300 random webcomic sketches to finish. Support me on Patreon so I can spend more time making all the comics.

Where is that flag from?
South Africa 🇿🇦

What do you draw on/What brush do you use?
Procreate on the iPad pro. I mainly use the default brushes. There are so many to choose from – The first year drawing comics I spent way too much time looking for the perfect brush, only to discover that it doesn’t matter. Your lines look better with practice, not with brushes

I’m a teacher, can I use your cartoon in a class test.

Can we Collab on some comics
Maybe 🙂

How much do you charge to make a comic?
Depends what it’s for  – send me an email

I love you!
Not a question, but thanks!

How can I get better at making comics?
“The only way to learn how to write and draw is by writing and drawing” – Bill Watterson

Why do you hate kids?
I don’t hate kids. The comics where unfortunate things happen to children, the “child” is me and the “Bad Dad” character is my dad who I don’t talk to anymore. It’s an F U to my dad, more than anything else

Why do you hate animals?
How dare you, sir or madam! I like animals way more than people

Do you have depression?
No, but I did. I was on medication for a long time. I don’t believe the meds helped, they just made me ok with being sad. One day I stopped all medication and started drawing my feelings, which then morphed into making comics. 

Do you have a cat?
You’d think so… I had 2 cats when I was a kid. But then my stepdad moved in and suddenly my mom became allergic to the cats we had already had for 6 years… The cats randomly went missing

Do you have a dog?
I had a dog, back in South Africa. But when lockdown happened we weren’t allowed to go outside at all. We weren’t allowed to even walk our dogs for 5 minutes. Our garden was pretty small so we had to let our doggy stay with my Girlfriend’s parents for the duration of the first lockdown. They have a nice big garden for her to run around in.

Any other animals?
When I was a 10 I had a sheep! Sheepie! One day I came home and my dad had made dinner, half way through the meal my dad asked “does this taste familiar?” and then burst out laughing. To this day the smell of lamb makes me sick. My dad isn’t a very nice man’