Who are you???

Scribbly G

Where are you from?

South Africa

How long have you been making comics?

About a year

Where did you get the name Scribbly G?

When i joined Twitter, I wanted my username to be @Scribbly, but that was taken. So i used @Scribbly_G as a place holder till I could find a better name.

What does the G stand for?

Not Gangsta

Who is behind Scribbly G?

What? Like right now? Nobody, there’s just a wall there.

Do you think you will be the next Cyanide and Happiness?


Are you cartoonist?


You are a very sick person!

That’s not a question

Who are your favorite cartoonists?

Gary Larson, Scott Adams, Sergio Argones, Jeremy Nell and the great Joan Cornellà

What Software do you use?

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate

How much do you charge for a cartoon?

Depends how annoying you are

How did you get into cartooning?

Dunno. I just thought it sounded like fun, so I tried it and I was right.  

Give me advice?

Don’t run with scissors

What is the best webcomic?

Hmmmm…. Probably “Heck if I know Comics”. Berkley Mews is also really funny.

Who and what are the influences for your drawing style?

The biggest influence on my drawing style is just, not being able to draw

Do you hate animals?

Not as much as I hate dumb questions

What is your favorite color?


Dog or Cat?

I dig cats coz they’re dicks. But I’m allergic to them so I can’t have one. I’ve got a little Doggy though, She’s spoilt and does whatever she wants, so she’s kinda like a cat.

What is your favorite comic you made?

Prolly the Replacing Nemo one. It’s been translated into like 7 languages now. That’s the comic I get tagged in the most. Yeah, prolly that one. I do like the Bear attack one, and maybe Garfield turns 40. I have a few, but Nemo is the one I show people who ask to see my comics.

What’s the worst comic you made?

Oi, plenty. I’ve made so many shit comics

Where can I see your comics?

On the interwebs 

I love you Scribbly G

You too, Stranger from the internet

Add me?

Can you send me Gucci shirt?


Are you gay?

Sorry, no

How do you come up with these things?

Dunno…. I’ve always had a messed up sense of humor. It’s the best way to deal with a shitty childhood

Is your style influenced by Rick and Morty?

Prolly, I do love Rick and Morty

Bro What the Fuck?

What the fuck, bro?

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