Draw all the comics!

Dark Fairy Tales started off as an exercise I had to do for some kid’s books course. I’m not that interested in making books for kids, but I thought the course would be a fun way to pick up a few tips and tricks. The story I made was too dark for children, but a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it so I decided to make it into a series which I will later turn into a book.

The first Dark Fairy Tale is Jack and the Beans – You can read it here.

The idea is to make 5 Dark Fairy Tales, all around 20 pages long (Besides the first one which is 11). I’m planning on sharing each story on substack as I make them and then when they’re all done, release the collection as a book.

I’ve written all 5 and have started drawing a few of them. Follow my substack to keep updated with this project.

Dark Fairy Tales Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood – Granny
Bad Piggy – Dark Fairy Tales
Next Dark Fairy Tales Instagram Question.
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