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Dark Fairy Tales
Bad Piggies Scribbles

This is where I will be posting updates for my definitely not for children, children’s books. There are 5 stories in this collection and I will be releasing them as individual books and as a collection of 5 in one.

Dark Fairy Tales 2 – Little Red Riding Hood

The first one is Jack and the beans, you can check out the shortened test version over here. I may actually make 6 Dark Fairy Tales and have the Jack and the Beans be the sample. The 2nd is Little Red Riding Hood, which is a lot darker than the Jack one. I’ve pretty much finished drawing this one.

Granny Test Scribbles

As for the next 3 (Now maybe 4), I asked Instagram for some ideas on which story fairy tales I should ruin next.

Dark Fairy Tales

Some nice ideas there. I picked a few from these suggestions and have now completed the writing of 5 of them and the drawing of 2. So 1 more to write and 4 to draw. This project is not my main focus at the moment but I do still have it in the back of my mind and will be updating this page with characters and ideas from the next books. I also have some more Red riding hood pics to upload when I find them.

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