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Coffee and talking about my new strip.

Ahoy! Let me go boil the kettle quick and I’ll be back for our chat. Back in 5.

Alright, I’m back. So, howzit going? Me, I’m all good. I just finished drawing the 22nd comic for my new strip called
That ’90s comic. You may be quite surprised to hear this, but this makes this the longest comic strip series I’ve ever made. I’ve made hundreds of comics, but I’ve never really focussed on a strip before. I’ve made about 10 Daveman and Island guys comics, that’s about as far as I ever got in a series. Simulation James was 90 something pages, but that was more of a story so it’s not the same thing.

But This (That) ’90s comic is a mixture of a few of the comic strips I’ve always wanted to make. When I started making comics, everyone always loved the Dad character, so he’s pretty much the main character of the strip. He’s an asshole, but he’s funny. Like I hate my dad, but I really enjoy making comics about him. It’s fun trying to think of the worst way to handle a situation or the worst thing you can do to a person.

So, like I said. I just finished drawing the 22nd episode/comic and I’ve got a lot more to go still.

That '90s comics strips

The first 20 strips or so are to introduce you to the characters and the world. They follow a story in the beginning, but then will be splitting off into little side stories. In the beginning, the main characters are the kid and the dog, but the further into the comic I go, the more I want to have the dad guy in it. This series will be replacing my webcomics. I still want to make webcomics, but now any funny idea I have I’ll try squeeze into the strip rather than making something that I make for social media and post and forget about.

What I love most about this strip is the feeling of freedom. It’s set in the ’90s so people can’t get upset or surprised by the language or how the characters act. I think this is why I’ve been able to make so many so quickly, there’s no fear of upsetting people because the year of the comic pretty much tells you what to expect, and if you hated the 90’s you’ll hate this comic and won’t bother reading it.

So, the comic is about a kid (Seth) growing up with my dad. I didn’t have to live with my dad, but I always wondered how bad things would’ve been if I had to stay with him instead of living with my mom and step dad. Sorry Seth, but you’re the gunnie pig in this little experiment.

And straight from the start you’ll know if this comic is right for you. If you’re somehow upset or offended by the first episode, then you’re gonna hate the rest. Here’s the first 1.

that '90s comic 1
That ’90s comic – Part 1

Like the name says, this comic is set in the ’90s. Location is South Africa. It’s probably more the 2000’s but the ’90s sounds better. The comic will be updated twice a week on Patreon, this may move to 3 times a week if my buffer gets really big. I think I’m on an 8 week buffer of comics now but I’ll like to get like a year ahead before switching to 3 times a week.

Something to look out for in the strips are the pictures on the wall of the dad’s house. They all have some hidden meaning. It’s pretty fun coming up with rude little background jokes.

I really don’t know how many people will enjoy this strip, but it’s the most fun I’ve had drawing for years so I’m fine if it’s just a comic for me and a few friends from school. Either way, it’s given me my comic freedom back and I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with comics again and not worrying about what people think.

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