Draw all the comics!

Caveman Magic!

Ahoy! Here’s a new comic for your faces. Stick around after the comic for a little chat, or just look at the comic and leave me like a cheap hooker.

Early Magic Tricks. A caveman doing the first magic trick

This one was a comic done in reverse. When I moved to making single panels, a lot of my ideas were multi panel ideas that I simplified down to a single panel for publication. This one I had the last panel first but thought it would be funnier to add the first 3 panels before it. It’s dumb but fun.

Anyhoo, how was your weekends? Mine was good. I ran a lot, I’m in a marathon group with a whole bunch of people training for a marathon in April. I’m not running the marathon, I’m just trying to lose weight for my wedding in April. My legs were really sore so I had a lot of time to draw comics to add to my buffer. I didn’t manage to draw more of the Three Little Pigs, I’ve worked out how many pages it will be so I’ll be starting drawing on that pretty soon.

In other news. I’ve uploaded the link to where you can get the PDF version of Simulation James for those who live in places that Amazon don’t ship to. Anyone who bought the physical book that wants a copy of the PDF can just email me and I’ll send it to them. No need to buy it twice.

Awesome, that’s all for today. Check you guys laters!


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