Family Vacation

Dad packing for his vactation comic


This was an improv comic, the random word was “packing”. The thing I remember most about this comic was some guy said it was dumb because you can’t fly to Disneyland… Its a long swim from South Africa…

Shoes with Memory Foam

new skechers shoes with memory foam comic


Was watching TV and saw an ad for Shoes with memory foam. This is the first thing that popped into my head

Thirsty Webcomic

About This Comic

This was my first attempt at a webcomic. Before this comic I was messing around with a political comic strip bases on the news in South Africa. I made this and posted it on Reddit, and then ducked and covered and hid away from the comment section. 3 Hours later I got a notification that it had made it to the front page of reddit 🙂