Replacing Nemo


My favorite ever comic. I had the idea on the way to work, sketched it out and sent it to my friend. He couldn’t stop laughing and begged me to make it. I almost didn’t post it because when I showed it to my mom, she didn’t get it… That was the day I stopped asking her what she thinks about my comics

Bear Attack!

scribbly G bear attack comic


If I could redraw any comic again I think I would choose this one. But maybe the crappy drawings make it funnier? Dunno

Thirsty Webcomic

About This Comic

This was my first attempt at a webcomic. Before this comic I was messing around with a political comic strip bases on the news in South Africa. I made this and posted it on Reddit, and then ducked and covered and hid away from the comment section. 3 Hours later I got a notification that it had made it to the front page of reddit 🙂