Buff Cat

Buff Cat Comic


This comic did so well, front of reddit posted by someone else, my post got to the 2nd page. So 1st and 2nd page of reddit at the same time. I should get a prize, but all i got was reddit gold awards. No real prize

You can get this comic on a shirt or like, a pillow? Dunno why a pillow, but you can get it on a pillow.

Border Security


Super random, but did super well. Also, this other webcomic creator had the same idea, 3 months after me. He got called out for stealing the idea, he sent me a funny message saying how dare i steal his idea 3 months before he had it, and laughed, and said he swears he didn’t steal it, but will delete it if I want. Very nice guy, I don’t believe he stole the idea. People can have similar ideas

Magic Hal


Another reddit front page. Just a silly comic, was messing around with bubbles and stuff. Apparently you’re not supposed to put bubbles this close to the mouth… but I like it. Oh and that’s a bunny under his hat, not a dog.

The Fly

The fly comic


I loved this comic. I have it on a shirt. I was invited to comic con Africa, I didn’t want to go because I had only been making comics for a few months and was super shy. But I thought in case I magically gained a lot of confidence I’d need something to sell there. So i picked 5 comics to test and see how long shirt printing takes. The shirts came out really well, but I didn’t go to comic con that year because of shyness. I may go this year though