Mail Cat’s first day

mail cat's first dat


Another comic that surprised me with how well it did. So many people asked me for a print of this. I hadn’t started doing prints and stuff yet so I just offered them the high quality picture so they could get it printed themselves. I gave it away for free, but a few were super nice and sent me some cash for it anyway. I was so happy, I could afford food that night.

Anyway, it’s now up in the merch section and you can get a print, or a shirt or undies. Whatever you want

Buff Cat

Buff Cat Comic


This comic did so well, front of reddit posted by someone else, my post got to the 2nd page. So 1st and 2nd page of reddit at the same time. I should get a prize, but all i got was reddit gold awards. No real prize

You can get this comic on a shirt !

Please send me pics of you showing off your glorious shirt! Just pspspsps me on Instagram/Facebook or send me an email