Episode 2

Don’t be sad, chicken. Episode 2 is up! This one is shareable on social media coz it works as a standalone comic. But I dunno If I’ll share it there.

I’m still really enjoying making these 2 strips. I’ve got both episodes for this week up already, and it’s only Tuesday. I’ll start with Daveman 3 tonight while I watch the soccer. But now I got to go to work work 🙁


Weekend Chat

Good Morning! Howzit going?

So today I’m drawing the 2nd episode of Daveman to post here next week, and then probably start on the 2nd episode of Planet Active. Also have a few spin off comics that I want to make, but will have to see how much time I have in the week. This lockdown thing is easing and normal work is increasing so will have a lot more “real” work to do.

Anyway, I made a cool picture for the link to the Planet Active Strip

Oh I also joined something called Parler, it’s like Twitter but not Twitter. So maybe like how google+ was like Facebook but not Facebook? I don’t think it’ll last, but we’ll see. I’m not really a fan of Twitter, it’s so full of anger and whiny bullshit and no matter how many people you block and mute it still ends up in my face.

Anyway, have a good weekend


Hey, howzit going? So… I’ve finally started making my strip. A strip that I’ve wanted to make for years and years. I’m not sharing the strip on social media because I want to give people a reason to visit my site and also I can organise them better here so you can follow along without random webcomic interruptions .

The last few weeks I haven’t been in the mood for webcomics, it’s been a while since I made a comic for me, for fun. But I enjoyed this strip, and the Daveman one and I’m looking forward to making the next ones for next week. So I think I’ll be taking a break from random webcomics for a few weeks while I focus on these 2 strips and get back to making comics for myself.

Oh and I’m busy watching soccer and doing my soccer time drawings. Here’s a little thing I drew for the the Planet Active Strip. For now the strip is called Planet Active… I want to change the name but was having a lot of fun making the comics and wanted to get them up on the site and needed to have a name for it. I may change it soon

Anyway, have a good night.



So, good news. The Daveman story will start going up today! And then will continue weekly for the next few weeklies. Also started on the first comic of the other strip with no name.

I’ve only done the one panel because I want to make sure this is the look I wanna go with before posting. Anyway, here is what I think the main character is going to look like (in the beginning)

This strip has been in my head for years man, years before I started making comics. I’ve got a whole lot of episodes written down, but wasn’t able to make them because of my lack of drawing ability. Anyway, I think I’m ok with this style now so can finally make it. Oh, and again, the story parts won’t go on social media so you’ll have to come here to read them. I’m planning on updating them each once a week. (Episodes that don’t follow a story will be posted on facebook)

Noice, I just got to do some work work now and then I’ll post the first Daveman.


WTF Facebook?

So I shared a comic on Facebook last night. Not one of my comics, but I comic by “I Hate Your Face Comics”. It’s making fun of people following those weird trends that last for a about a week and then are forgotten.

The comic got removed because it goes against their community guideline bullshit .

Just another reason why I need to move away from Social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Aaaanyway, I’m starting my strips today. Hopefully will start posting them next week. The Dave one might start going up this week, but the secret one maybe only next week. I’m going to be working on both of them at the same time so I don’t get bored. I get really bored and demotivated making one story at a time, that’s prolly why I got so sidetracked with webcomics over this last year. But with 2 strips hopefully when I not in the mood with one I can just move to the other. Also, any random webcomic idea I have, I’m going to try set it in these new comics story/worlds, Rather than just making a random comic. Need to use these new characters and get them known and then you can buy all the glorious merch.

Speaking of merch, I drew a cool little merch image:



So I’ve being making some changes and at last the site is ready to start moving more towards strips. I will still post webcomics, but I want to focus on strips and stories for a while. I’m unsure on what to call the one strip. The name I was going to use is already a name used by some shitty company in the UK. I’ve still got time though, I’m only going to start posting the strip once i’ve made 10 episodes.

Anyway, here is the first pic of one of the character

Beautiful, isn’t he? I don’t want to go too much into what the strip is about just yet. But he is the main character, he is also the me character because it’s kinda based on my life, at least at the start and then it splits off along a path my life could’ve gone down had different choices been made.

I can talk more about the other strip though. Daveman!

Daveman is a comic I’ve sort of been playing with over the last few months. The first random Daveman comic was made about a year ago, but suddenly someone found it a few months later and shared it and it started doing really well. I wish I had drawn it better but it was one of my first comics so yeah, it looked pretty shitty. Anyway, I made a few more random Daveman comics that were well received so thought why not make a story around him. So this comic will be a story of a caveman doing his caveman things. Except there are strange things afoot… You find out pretty early that this isn’t a regular caveman story so I won’t spoil it here. I’ll hopefully start posting these next week. 

Cool, so what else… oh, I drew a begging sign if people wanna help support my comics. 

First Blog Post

Hey, howzit going. I don’t usually do the blogging thing… I actually don’t think anyone does blogging anymore… But I thought it would be cool to use the blog section to upload silly little things I draw that I don’t usually get to show anyone. Like this lockdown version of me

I scribbled this while watching soccer last night. Haven’t had soccer for 3 months so was so happy to have it back. Also realized how much sketching I do while watching soccer, I watched 2 matches last night and scribbled the whole time, so soccer being back means a lot more sketching for me, which means a lot more comics for you. Woohoo.

Also going to post funny comments that people post on my toons and any other random stuff that I don’t know where to put.

Anyway, keep well, wash hands yadda yadda