Facebook 18k

So I reached 18k Followers on Facebook.

With the 42k on Instagram, Planet Scribbly has a population of 60 000 beautiful people

I really try not to get caught up in the following thing. It’s really a distraction to my improvement. Like I’ve said before, it makes me think I’m a better cartoonist than I really am.

Writing Writing Writing

Finally had some time to get some writing done. I had to choose between 3 different beginnings which would then decide how the rest of the story would go. Now just hoping I can draw it funny enough.

The problem I have with drawing is, I can’t draw. I didn’t do art at school. I was a maths nerd who read comics. (Not even the cool comics, I read the Beano, the Dandy and a Scottish comic called Oor Wullie.)

When I started making comics and realised that people were reading them, I figured I probably should learn how to draw. How hard could it be?

Fook hard. The hardest thing in my life. The worst thing though, the more I practiced drawing, the worse my drawings looked. I practiced drawing a lot over lockdown. Just before the lockdown happened I had sold a story to a youtube animation channel for a decent amount of money. So I decided to use some of that to buy all the drawing courses I could find. I got worse, I hated my drawings, I hated drawing.

When I started making comics, they weren’t meant to look good. It was just so I could make myself laugh. I couldn’t wait to make a comic, it was the highlight of my day. I know that sounds sad… but remember… I was sad.

Anyway, so now I was learning to draw, and I had all the time in the world because of the Lockdown.

I hated it. This carried on the whole year, I kept trying to force myself to get better at drawing. I was making less and less comics each week. It wasn’t fun. This was the first time in 3 years that I hated making comics. I hated myself. I hadn’t hated myself in years.

Now the worst thing to do when you’re not in the mood to make comics, is to make comics. But But, I have followers waiting for me, I can’t not post a comic. Seriously, I forced myself to make comics just so I wouldn’t lose followers. (This is a whole other issue, and part of why I’m taking a break from webcomics. I’ll complain about Social Media in a future post)

How I got out of hating making comics was just luck. I opened my Instagram and was tagged in a story. Someone had shared one of my early cartoons. It made me laugh, not just the joke, but how it was drawn. It was drawn funny. It reminded me of how much fun I had making that comic. I didn’t care that the arms were wrong and it wasn’t in the right perspective, I was having fun. So I thought, maybe I should just draw a comic for fun. Just because I wasn’t drawing doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing. I still have hundreds of unused ideas. So I picked an Idea and drew it for fun and not worry about how the rules. I had fun, and the comic made the front of Reddit. It didn’t matter that it was drawn wrong. The next 2 comics made the font page too.

Don’t get me wrong, I do want to and need to draw better. But that doesn’t mean it has to look real. I don’t need to study art for 10 years to get better at cartooning. I need to cartoon for 10 years. I need to break rules and have fun or else I won’t wanna do it. What I’ve learnt is, if you try to draw something realistic and it’s even just a little wrong, you notice it’s wrong. But if you purposely make it wrong, it looks funny. That’s what I want, to draw funny.

Anyway, that’s my ramble for the day.

Lastly, big thanks to Kyle for buying me a coffee today ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday Blahs

Still sketching ideas for the new series. This fine fellow was my favourite scribble of last night. I’ll need to make a spot for him in the comic.

I haven’t spent as much time on the story as I would have liked. Been a busy week. Hoping to get some writing in today.

…doesn’t help that I waste 30 minutes making shit like this for Twitter


At least I didn’t waste too much time on it, I’m supposed to be on a webcomic break, but A cartoonist friend asked me where my cartoon is for “May the 4th be with you” so had to throw something out there.

And now I’m wasting time writing here. Back to real work now. Blah



Been writing a bit more of the story for my comic. I get into the groove and then start asking myself if what I’m writing is too weird. As soon as I start thinking like that, I know it’s time for a break. I want it to be weird. I want it to be different. Just let me be weird, brain.

I’m so bored with the same old stories and the buckets of remakes, and superhero movie after superhero movie. We need new stuff! I don’t want another flippen Spiderman fricken returns far from homecoming part 9.

I can’t remember the last new thing I saw that was any good. it’s become too easy to make money off old shit. You don’t have to worry about it being that good because you know enough fans of the franchise will watch it either way. Why risk losing money on something new.

Guess I’ll just have to entertain myself

I’m also planning on making some comics about my life. It’ll be too depressing for social media, but I can stick it on my site. I just wanna make more different things. I’ll also be making some comics for Mental Health Awareness week. A few months ago I was asked if I could make some comics for a book about depression. The book was meant to raise awareness about mental health and all the proceeds were going to charity. I dunno how many other cartoonists were involved, but I was asked to donate 10 unseen comics. The project then got cancelled before I got to send them anything. I had already roughed out a few ideas, so will probably turn them into finished comics for Mental Health Week

This sketch had nothing to do with the mental health part๐Ÿ˜‚

Lastly, where are all the lady followers suddenly coming from on my Instagram? Did someone leak out a photo of me and you’ve all discovered that I’m actually a sexy beast? Or maybe is it coz Bored Panda showed you all my cat comics? Prolly the sexy beast part…

Anyway, that’s all for today. Laters!

Are you for scuba?

Hello! Check at me, blogging 2 days in a row.

I haven’t spent enough time drawing for my new comic today, I had real work in the morning, blah, and then our bed arrived and I had to build that, which took way longer than it needed to. Doesn’t help that 2 fingers on my left hand still don’t work properly.

I was about to start drawing, but then someone from some site asked me questions for an article. I was gonna ignore it, but then their facebook page has like 4 million followers or something so prolly should respond.

And now I’m writing about my day. I was actually updating my site and making a section to put the doodles I make while sketching for my new story. I figured I’d use some of the sketches to make my blog posts look less boring.

I don’t even know if this guy will be in the comic, I just liked how he came out. A character I do want in it though, is this dude.

He/she/they are like a pigeon robot thing, or something. I like pigeons. I had a character called Mr pigeon pants in this show we made for the Octopie Network and since then I’ve loved pigeons. I just love their dopey faces.

Anyway, Just posting to say hello. And now I got to go design a hipster lion man hiker guy for a wine label for some guy back home in SA.

Sweet! Have a good weekend