Bushy Tales

Bushy Tales Comic

Bushy Tales Comic

Bushy Tales 2

Bushy Tales was a strip I was working on with a cartoonist. He gave the ideas and I did the drawing. Drawing someone else’s idea wasn’t really that fun for me and he didn’t want to listen to any of my ideas to make it funnier ,so we ended working together. I was told to remove his name but i could keep the strip.

I removed his name and was going to carry on with the strip alone, but then another cartoonists friend (Dave D) said we should do a dark version of this strip. He wants to draw it and I give him the ideas. That suits me coz it gives me time to work on my own webcomics. It’s also great practice for Dave. He’s amazing at drawing but wants to improve his comic making skills. So yeah!

Anyway, these are the first 2  bushy tales. I do like the style of the comics, so I may carry on with this strip in future, just make it more my kind of humor