Beer is a Man’s Drink

Beer is a Man's Drink

Beer is a Man's Drink

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Hey Howzit! I’ve been to 2 Beer Fest’s in the last 2 weeks… That’s quite a lot considering I’ve been to 3 in my whole life. Anyway, thought I’d make some toons about Beer! I heard a dude asking the barman/waiter dude for a “Man’s Drink”, and thought it would be funny if the waiter got him someone else’s drink instead of like, a manly drink. Dunno, was funny in my head.

Anyway, I made the Barman character and the Man at the bar because this comedian guy asked if I would be interested in making comics for his craft beer magazine. I had a few ideas for comics about this barman, I think it could make a pretty cool strip. So, I went to meet this comedian guy this weekend to talk about his magazine and meet the team. So, his idea for the comic is something about 2 spiders that live in a bar and talk about beer. So, not what I was thinking at all , but I still dig this barman, so I decided I’m gonna make a strip about him anyway, not for the magazine. Just for fun. I want the barman to be a Dick, and like the worst barman ever (That’s why his tip jar is empty). Dunno what to call the comic but I’m thinking the barman could be called Dick. I dunno, we’ll see.