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Art Comic

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Signatures seem more important than the art. If Picasso signed someone else’s work, would that work be better? I was going to have Picasso sign his child’s drawing, but changed it to his report cart because parents are often asked to sign their kids report cards. So ya, now people think that Picasso made and amazing painting of a report card. Beautiful!

Anyway, I ‘ve ranted about art a few times, and I will again today. What makes art “Art”. What makes a piece of art worth more than a better piece of art? I had a comic earlier in the year about a dude calling a painting crap, until he found out that is was a Van Gogh…. Suddenly the crap painting was the best painting in all the lands…. Until he found out that it wasn’t really a Van Gogh…. then the painting went back to crap…. while still being the same painting….