Are you for scuba?

Hello! Check at me, blogging 2 days in a row.

I haven’t spent enough time drawing for my new comic today, I had real work in the morning, blah, and then our bed arrived and I had to build that, which took way longer than it needed to. Doesn’t help that 2 fingers on my left hand still don’t work properly.

I was about to start drawing, but then someone from some site asked me questions for an article. I was gonna ignore it, but then their facebook page has like 4 million followers or something so prolly should respond.

And now I’m writing about my day. I was actually updating my site and making a section to put the doodles I make while sketching for my new story. I figured I’d use some of the sketches to make my blog posts look less boring.

I don’t even know if this guy will be in the comic, I just liked how he came out. A character I do want in it though, is this dude.

He/she/they are like a pigeon robot thing, or something. I like pigeons. I had a character called Mr pigeon pants in this show we made for the Octopie Network and since then I’ve loved pigeons. I just love their dopey faces.

Anyway, Just posting to say hello. And now I got to go design a hipster lion man hiker guy for a wine label for some guy back home in SA.

Sweet! Have a good weekend