Webcomic Break


So I’m taking a break from making my usual random webcomics and will instead be focussing on making a comic that follows a story.

I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, but I never did because I always feel the need to post a funny comic to social media to keep Zuckerburg and the Mighty Algorithms happy. Before my comics became popular I had plans and ideas of things I wanted to make and how I wanted to improve. But then my comics started sharing well and I was like, whatever, I’m good already. Social media gives us false confidence in our ability. It’s not the best way to improve. I could keep doing what I’ve been doing and grow my following more, but I won’t improve that much, because it’s easy. I don’t need to try hard to make a comic share well, it just has to be funny. The drawing doesn’t seem to matter.

Anyway, I was contacted by Bored Panda again the other day coz they wanted to do an article about my cartoons. This happened 2 years ago, and now they wanted to write another article. The first time they wrote about me I remember feeling like I had made it. When it happened again last week I was excited, until I realised that not much had changed in 2 years. Yes I’ve made comics for people and sold a few stories since then, but my style hasn’t really improved. If anything, it got worse.

I did get to answer the questions more open and honestly this time and tell them the real reason I got into making comics. You can read the article here if you want. But when it came out and I saw the comics they posted, I was like… I haven’t improved much. Not nearly as much I had planned, and for that I blame making comics for social media. I do love making and posting comics online, but it’s not making me improve as much as I would like.

So I’m gonna take a little time off of making webcomics and rather focus on making a story. It will be my practice series that won’t be posted on Social Media because I want to experiment with different things and try new techniques and pretty much just have fun. I’ll update the pages on my site, if it turns out any good I’ll maybe get it printed and sell it as a comic book or something, but mainly it’s just for me to draw more and try make my style a little better.

In the end my comic making ability should improve. I will go back to making my random webomics in a few weeks/months and I’m hoping I’ll notice some improvement. Ideally what I would like to happen is when there’s a joke in the series I could share that episode as like a standalone comic. Or maybe make spin off comics created in the world that this series is going to be in. I dunno, I’m making this up as I go, so who knows. I just know I need to improve

Here’s a sketch layout of one of the pages from the series. Still trying to decide the name of it and who the main characters are, but I’m enjoying the process.

I learnt a lot from making all those comics for the guys over at the walking dead but this should force me to push myself even harder. One day I’ll be a good cartoonist.