Weekend Chat

Good Morning! Howzit going?

So today I’m drawing the 2nd episode of Daveman to post here next week, and then probably start on the 2nd episode of Planet Active. Also have a few spin off comics that I want to make, but will have to see how much time I have in the week. This lockdown thing is easing and normal work is increasing so will have a lot more “real” work to do.

Anyway, I made a cool picture for the link to the Planet Active Strip

Oh I also joined something called Parler, it’s like Twitter but not Twitter. So maybe like how google+ was like Facebook but not Facebook? I don’t think it’ll last, but we’ll see. I’m not really a fan of Twitter, it’s so full of anger and whiny bullshit and no matter how many people you block and mute it still ends up in my face.

Anyway, have a good weekend

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