Hey, howzit going? So… I’ve finally started making my strip. A strip that I’ve wanted to make for years and years. I’m not sharing the strip on social media because I want to give people a reason to visit my site and also I can organise them better here so you can follow along without random webcomic interruptions .

The last few weeks I haven’t been in the mood for webcomics, it’s been a while since I made a comic for me, for fun. But I enjoyed this strip, and the Daveman one and I’m looking forward to making the next ones for next week. So I think I’ll be taking a break from random webcomics for a few weeks while I focus on these 2 strips and get back to making comics for myself.

Oh and I’m busy watching soccer and doing my soccer time drawings. Here’s a little thing I drew for the the Planet Active Strip. For now the strip is called Planet Active… I want to change the name but was having a lot of fun making the comics and wanted to get them up on the site and needed to have a name for it. I may change it soon

Anyway, have a good night.


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