So, good news. The Daveman story will start going up today! And then will continue weekly for the next few weeklies. Also started on the first comic of the other strip with no name.

I’ve only done the one panel because I want to make sure this is the look I wanna go with before posting. Anyway, here is what I think the main character is going to look like (in the beginning)

This strip has been in my head for years man, years before I started making comics. I’ve got a whole lot of episodes written down, but wasn’t able to make them because of my lack of drawing ability. Anyway, I think I’m ok with this style now so can finally make it. Oh, and again, the story parts won’t go on social media so you’ll have to come here to read them. I’m planning on updating them each once a week. (Episodes that don’t follow a story will be posted on facebook)

Noice, I just got to do some work work now and then I’ll post the first Daveman.


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