So I’ve being making some changes and at last the site is ready to start moving more towards strips. I will still post webcomics, but I want to focus on strips and stories for a while. I’m unsure on what to call the one strip. The name I was going to use is already a name used by some shitty company in the UK. I’ve still got time though, I’m only going to start posting the strip once i’ve made 10 episodes.

Anyway, here is the first pic of one of the character

Beautiful, isn’t he? I don’t want to go too much into what the strip is about just yet. But he is the main character, he is also the me character because it’s kinda based on my life, at least at the start and then it splits off along a path my life could’ve gone down had different choices been made.

I can talk more about the other strip though. Daveman!

Daveman is a comic I’ve sort of been playing with over the last few months. The first random Daveman comic was made about a year ago, but suddenly someone found it a few months later and shared it and it started doing really well. I wish I had drawn it better but it was one of my first comics so yeah, it looked pretty shitty. Anyway, I made a few more random Daveman comics that were well received so thought why not make a story around him. So this comic will be a story of a caveman doing his caveman things. Except there are strange things afoot… You find out pretty early that this isn’t a regular caveman story so I won’t spoil it here. I’ll hopefully start posting these next week. 

Cool, so what else… oh, I drew a begging sign if people wanna help support my comics. 

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