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So, a year of making comics. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve met a ton of cool people, made some cool comics (and a few shitty ones), But yeah, I’m happy with the year. Just wish I’d started webcomics earlier, instead of those stupid South African political toons i did for a few months. That wasted a lot of time. I wish I had just started with webcomics from the start. But hey, it all seems to be working out pretty well.

I had a few goals for the year, I wrote them down in excel. I didn’t really expect to reach any of these goals, it was just stuff that I’d hope would happen.

Meet a famous cartoonist

So, the first goal was to meet a famous cartoonist, or at least be like acknowledged by one 😉 , and yeah, I achieved that. I got to meet our most famous cartoonists, Zapiro. I was invited to a celebration for his 60th birthday. The coolest thing ever was after the party had ended, I sat on the couch with him and we read comics… Just chilling and reading comics with the most famous cartoonist in the country, coolest fucking day of my life.

I also met another legend cartoonist, Jerm. He’s been really helpful with my cartoons, and confidence. He tells me I’m one of the best in the country and just need to stop giving a fuck what people think. I’m trying, I’m getting better.

Get Better at Drawing

Yeah, I think I’ve improved over the year. Still could be better though.

Care less about what people think.

So ya, care less about the negative stuff. I’ve always struggled with this. But I’m getting better. Getting 50k likes on a cartoon does help a lot with confidence 😋

Get 500 Likes on Facebook Page.

Yep, My goal for the year was to get 500 followers on facebook. I think i was on 50 at the start of the year, so 500 I felt was achievable. I’m on 4000 followers and nearly 4000 likes so yeah, that was achieved quite nicely!

Get 500 Instagram Followers

This one I thought would be a bit harder coz I didn’t really use Instagram too much until one day, a random someone sent me a message saying “Dude, Post something please”. So I thought, K, Maybe I’ll start posting shit on Instagram. This was about in May. I had about 100 followers i think. So 400 more by the end of the year was doable. I’m on 8400 now, so a little more than I expected .

Get 100 Likes on a cartoon

So , start of the year I was prolly getting like 10 likes?  I thought, man , If I can get 100 likes on a toon I’d be proud, and not shy to show my friends a cartoon I made. I hadn’t told any of my friends I made toons. Looking back…. maybe I should’ve aimed higher? So my highest likes on a toon is :

Scribbly Likes

Yeah, a few thousand more than I’d expected. I still don’t show my friends my comics though 😂

Get 1000 Followers on Twitter

Twitter was the place I started posting comics, before Facebook and way before Instagram. And it’s now the place where I’m followed the least…. I don’t understand Twitter. It seems like people like to share things as long as you share their stuff. I read a book on making comics and posting to social media, and the writer guy recommends retweeting everything anyone does and then they should retweet yours as a thank you? Nah… not for me. I’ll happily retweet something that makes me laugh, but tweet for tweet, like for like bullshit… Nope. Anyway, so I didn’t reach this goal. Hopefully next year.

So yeah, Reached most of my goals. I’ll think of some new ones for next year, Maybe aim a little higher! Anway, thanks everybody for the amazing support this year. I hope to make some more awesome toons for you next year!

I’m off to Thailand next week, so won’t be posting too many toons. But when I’m back it’ll be back to the normal awesomeness!

Thanks Guys, Keep well

Scribbly G Santa

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