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Hey Yo!

Ok, so last post i said I suck at updating the blog coz it was 20 days between posts, and like yeah I’d try get better…. I lied… So, 30 days after the last post, here we are…

A lot has happened in these 30 days! So much that I can’t even remember all, but I’ll post about what i can remember!

So, last Friday I posted a comic about Man-Spider. I thought it was a pretty cool comic, one of my favorites, so I was interested to see how well it did. And… yeah, it did well… weller than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ve seen the comic everywhere! Like really everywhere. I’ve had comics before that pop up in a few places, but this one…. like minutes after posting, this toon had been translated to different languages and re shared. I’ve had lots of toons translated, but never this quickly. Friends were telling me they had people sending it to them. It was on the front page of Reddit. But the coolest thing was the page “I fucking love science” sharing it. Oh and actually tagging me. A lot of pages share my stuff, but hardly ever tag me. So yeah

man spider share

37k shares! Crazy Crazy. (Now 40k)

Anyway, another cool thing happened/happening. One of the biggest Cartoonists in the country said he wants to work with me on a comic strip! Pretty cool. We’ve done 2 already and I’ll be working on the 3rd tonight. I still don’t think I’m ready for that kinda thing, but he says I am. I dunno, let’s see how it goes

I don’t think I’m allowed to post the toons yet though… I haven’t been told not to, but I haven’t been told I can. But as soon as I’m allowed I will. I don’t know what will happen with this, but it helps me improve my style and I get to say I worked with an SA tooning Legend.


Oh and one other cool thing! Another cool cartoonist I met last year sends me a message. This guy is the 2nd biggest comic strip artist in the country, he’s super talented and really really friendly. He was really nice to me last year when I met all these guys. Anyway, he sends me this message the other day

Gav's Comment

How cool is that. So he’s a famous cartoonist, and his son is impressed that his dad knows me! 🤣 That is one of the coolest messages ever!


Ya, so quite a busy 30 days.

Anyway, keep well!

Man-Spider Bills