I suck


So yeah, I’m awful at updating the blog. The previous post started off saying that my last blog was 20 days ago, and again today, my last blog post was 20 days ago.

But anyways, fuck it, what’s been up, man? How’s your daughter? (Eminem). So ok, so the last few weeks has been extra busy from moving and stuff. Only got my internet sorted a few days ago, but finally I think I’m settled in and can spend a bit more time on comics. My Instagram has been doing pretty well the last few weeks, got a few 40k, 30k and 20k likes on my toons which is cool. I’m a few hundred away from my first 50k likes. Pretty rad.

I was also featured on a site called Topito, they listed my top 15 comics and compared me to Joan Cornellà who is a friggen legend! He’s the dude that makes these comics


Yeah, so that’s about it for now. See you in about 20 days prolly

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