Coffee Break

Instagram Crazy

Yo! I suck at keeping up this blog. Last post was 20 days ago 🙁

Anway, I’m gonna get a coffee and then chat.

Cool, back! Ok, so what to chat about? What’s happened in the last few weeks? Well, my instagram went a bit crazy on my last few comics.

Instagram Crazy

So I was just doing my usual, posting 2 comics a week. The Daft Vader comic did better than my average at the time. I was pretty happy with 900 likes. Before the Vader one there was a comic about Love that got 5000 likes which was my best for Instagram. average was a few 100, so 900 for Vader i didn’t mind. The Marriage one got 4000 and I was pretty happy about that. 2nd highest so far. But then for some reason, the ninja turtle Shredder comic got 22 ooo? Like, woah. I was super happy, but then got sad coz I thought like, what if that’s the highest I’ll ever get. But then the next one got 31 000, and again, super happy, but then thought, ok, How am I going to feel when it drops back down to the hundreds again. Then the Magic Hal comic was posted… and dude…. 40 000??!! Like, that’s insane (for me). My latest comic is sitting on 10 000. Like I’m really happy with 10k, but whatever the highest is I’m always gonna feel a little sad that my last cartoon didn’t get the most likes. It’s stupid, but yeah…. I wonder though how the Replacing Nemo comic would’ve done if I had posted it now. It’s only on 800 on my page, i’ve seen it get over 20 k on other pages that have posted it, but it’s only on 800 on mine and I think that’s my best.

Anyway, now I just wait for the likes to start dropping. Don’t know what the sudden rush of likes was about, I haven’t been doing anything differently. I try not to care about likes and just make comics for the fun…. but I do care a little… It’s nice to feel appreciated even if my main goal is just to have fun and improve.

Last thing… I’ve been thinking about adding 1 South African comic to my week, I’ll only post them on Twitter and in the South African section of the site coz I don’t have SA followers anywhere else really. But I’m getting really keen to start a strip. I have a few ideas, One of them being a South African strip. 2 local cartoonists want to work with me on it but not sure how well I work with others. It would actually make it a lot easier though, like if one of the other cartoonists guys draws it and I just write the story? I find it way easier to come up with ideas, so if they can draw them then that could work out well.

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