Ew Face

Tomorrow is a public holiday, so today is like a Friday. Not for me though, I’m working tomorrow anyway, but ya, its a Fridnesday for most folk in SA.

So…. what’s up? I got some cool news from one of my Favourite  South African cartoonists, Dave D. I met him at the cartoonists convention thing last year, cool dude, awesome cartoonist. Anyway, he told me today that he might be taking a break from political cartoons and start making strips and webcomics! Woohoo! He’s amazing at drawing, like proper amazing, keen to see how it goes. He wants me to help him with the story which should be fun!

Cool, so what else… Oh yeah, so it’s a holiday tomorrow and most people won’t be at work, most peeps will be taking Friday off too, so I decided to post a comic today. ‘Twas a silent comic, I’ve said like a brazillion times how much I love silent comics. I don’t see enough of them, and they’re like the best strips in all of comic land. I want to get better at silent strips.

Anyways, have a good weekend peeps.

Ew Face